About Us

Salonen Construction is a family-run business with four generations of building experience.

We live in and serve the Mariposa area. We are committed to helping our community, one project at a time!

The majority of our jobs focus on remodeling—in particular: kitchens, baths, bedrooms, and decks.

If we take on a New Home Construction build, we plan on committing the better part of a year to it. (We are a small crew and a house requires a big chunk of time to complete.)

Jon-Paul Salonen

Growing up in the foothills of Mariposa County helped sow a deep love for this area in me. Exploring Yosemite and the Central Sierra as an adult helped cement the notion that this area is my place.

Having grown up doing construction with my father, the work is in my blood. But I also have enjoyed dabbling with an eclectic mix of mountaineering, holistic health/yoga and DJing over the years. Still, construction has always been my bedrock. I love the process and journey that each project brings. The sense of purpose and evolution with every completed project is heartening.

I think my rapport with homeowners is one of my strengths. To listen and try to understand their vision is of the utmost importance.

I am committed to helping ease the housing crisis by striving to build and renovate for reasonable prices and I try to make working for primary homeowners and work on long term rentals a priority.

I look forward to serving you.”