As a general contractor, we do a little bit of everything.  See below for a list of our specialties.

Areas of Expertise


Design Conceptualization

We know how to take an idea and turn it into reality, using experience to guide what is possible and functional for living and work spaces. We can work as a center point between clients and engineers to create plans that manifest their vision, helping clients hone the vision of their home with a sense of the practicality, cost, and time it would take to realize different aspects of a build.


Building Permit Process

Does the process of navigating county building codes feel daunting?  Don’t do it alone.  JP is a regular at the planning department and is happy to shepherd your project through, no matter what hurdles come up along the way.


Commercial and Residential Construction

Residential construction is the heart of Salonen Construction.  JP and the team have taken hundreds of outdated, underutilized, and damaged spaces and given them new life that is functional and beautiful.   While our focus is on residential construction, we do commercial work as well.  We particularly like helping non-profit organizations optimize their work space, just as they help the community.



Remodeling is probably our chief expertise, working on an existing home to make it even better! Whether to change and personalize the aesthetics, improve the energy efficiency or to otherwise improve a space, we are masters at breathing new life into a home.


Decks/Outdoor Living

Deck space is living space. Whether replacing an old weathered deck or creating a brand new deck space, we excel at this. Using whatever type of decking a homeowner prefers, we build to last! A particular skill of ours is using steel posts, hand rails, and lateral stainless steel wire for safety and style. 


New Home Construction

We do a house build, start to finish, about every other year (it is a year long process from concept to turn key). It’s a big commitment for us and the homeowner. So it is something we choose to do less frequently but with great care when we do.